Can I Eat the Cannabis Flower?

With the significant demand for edibles in states where medical or recreational marijuana laws allow for consumption, many people may be asking, “So if edibles are all the rage, why can’t I just cut to the chase and eat the flower?” It is tempting to make things simple, and it seems like it would make sense to be able to eat the bud in its raw state the way we might crunch into an uncooked carrot, but there are some good reasons why you might want to give more thought as to how you consume raw marijuana flower. Those reasons are mainly based on ensuring a pleasurable culinary experience and one that enhances the intake of health properties.

Of course, you can eat flower as it is, but some people report that they suffer an upset stomach as a result. This is because it is not easy for the human body to process raw weed. Some people report that raw weed gives them a stomach ache, but it may be that these people ate the flower on its own instead of mixing it with other foods or drink. Eating raw weed might be akin to eating spoonfuls of dried parsley or oregano…such concentrated richness would be bound to irritate the digestive tract! If a person has a hard time digesting dark greens such as chard or kale, he/she may also find digesting cannabis problematic. Other people may be sensitive to the earthy taste, which could also spur an adverse sensory reaction.

However, there are some simple tricks if you want to get the benefits of raw cannabis. After all, many doctors report that there are huge health benefits to ingesting raw cannabis. CBD, CBN, and THCA are just a few of the many cannabinoids that are critical to good health; in addition, cannabis is a great source of fiber. Cannabis also contains Iron, Folate, Calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. One simple way to make ingesting weed more palatable would be to sprinkle it in a salad. It would be just one more green that would blend in nicely with your arugula, kale, or spinach. Remember, you won’t get high if you ingest the raw cannabis this way. You would have to first heat the flower in some sort of fat such as oil (to heat the weed and decarboxylate the weed), mix it in a salad dressing, and then place that salad dressing on your veggies if you are seeking a healthy and high-inducing meal.

Many people prefer juicing and say it is the best way to consume weed’s nutrients. Just as juicing allows a person to get as much of the vitamins and minerals out of fruits and vegetables, you can juice the bud, leaves, and all parts of the plant to extract the wholesome elements of cannabis. If you home grow, you can use all parts after harvesting or trimming, so it is nice to know nothing may go to waste! Juicing also allows those with more sensitive taste buds to mask the pungent taste of weed with flavors of their choice. You can use leafy greens, berries, bananas, or tropical fruits. Make sure you chop up your flower very well before adding to your juicer so that it reduces effectively.

Hemp seeds are another alternative for nutrient rich ingredients. Sailors used to carry hemp seeds with them in case they were shipwrecked and needed some sustenance. You can easily find hemp seeds in most health food stores and even some supermarkets. They are perfect in oatmeal, salads, and other recipes. They are also non-psychoactive, so many parents are integrating them into their children’s diets.

Some believe it is better to heat cannabis in order to release the cannabinoids that boost our wellness and tap into the entourage effect (the concept that all the cannabinoids work together to provide ultimate health properties). If you are looking for the psychoactive feeling, you will not receive it from eating the untreated flower, because marijuana needs to be heated in order to activate the THC. Raw weed only has non-psychoactive THCA; when cannabis is heated THCA is converted in THC and releases the properties that cause the high. Even so, it is helpful to know there are many options of receiving these benefits for people with different preferences and needs.

Eating raw cannabis will help you sleep better and feel better. More research needs to be conducted on all the benefits, but many report eating cannabis has helped with pain, inflammation, and other ailments. All the antioxidants will contribute to your well-being whether you decide to include it in your salads or juices. An online search will lead to lots of delicious recipes and tips for using cannabis in the kitchen, and you will have great fun experimenting as you discover your favorite way to get the most out of cannabis.

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