Cannabis for Dogs

The Scoop on Cannabis-based Treatments for Dogs

People are increasingly using medical cannabis for many ailments, but it is safe and effective for dogs? Many research studies indicate cannabis is safe for humans, but how do cannabis products affect dogs? A lot pet owners use the cannabis extract CBD (cannabidiol) which does not have the components that cause the psychoactive high that THC does. While most veterinarians warn that the effects of THC are potentially lethal for canines, many veterinarians are recommending CBD for the same reasons humans use CBD, such as skin allergies, anxiety, and seizures.

In general the pet care industry is a robust one in which American pet owners spend billions of dollars each year. In addition, projections for pet CBD demand are expected to increase dramatically in the next few years, so it is important to know what cannabis products are available and which canine conditions they help. You can give Fido CBD several ways. You can use a medicine dropper to give him the oil directly. You can mix the oil in food, or you can bake the oil into doggie cookies.

Many dogs suffer from skin allergies, and there is nothing worse than trying to prevent your dog from chewing on an itchy area. CBD has been effective is reducing skin irritations in humans as well as dogs. Certain times of the year tend to be worse for dogs such as when spring pollen aggravates allergies. Consult your veterinarian about the amount of CBD oil to add to your dog’s food. You can also apply CBD oil to the dog’s affected skin as a salve.

Dogs also suffer from anxiety, and even if they are relatively calm animals, uncommon events such as travel or fireworks may be traumatic for them. CBD can soothe their nerves and help them deal with a stressful situation. If you are having a week of summer thunderstorms, you can give your dog CBD to soothe the nerves. If your dog has chronic anxiety, you can give regular doses. An added bonus of treating the anxiety is that CBD helps sustain general wellness.

Some dogs experience seizures, and veterinarians will prescribe the same anti-epileptic medication that they give humans. However, these prescriptions can be very costly and come with drastic side effects for pets. CBD oil is a wonderful and cost-friendly alternative to these harsh medications.

Just like any medication, overdosing is a risk; no one wants to chance getting their pup overly high or too sedated. The good news is most veterinarians agree even if a pet owner gives a dog too much CBD oil, it most likely will not be life-threatening. The best approach is to consult your veterinarian on the correct dosage for your canine considering, weight, health, and any other medications the pet may currently be taking. The general rule is 1-5mg for 10 pounds of body weight. It just might be time to stop by one of the new pet bakeries popping up all over the country and treat your best friend to a CBD goodie!