Differences between Hashish and Marijuana

Many people who have tried marijuana have not tried hashish, even though weed and hash are both extracted from cannabis sativa or indica. Most people have used or are familiar with weed, but many folks assume only the traveler in an exotic location or the truly adventurous might use hashish. However, as recreational marijuana use becomes more widely accepted and legalized, hashish use is also increasing and people are using a variety of ways to extract it from the cannabis plant.

Hemp Plant

Hashish is made by compressing the most potent parts of the cannabis plant called the trichomes. Trichomes are the gummy resin components found in the “hairs” of the marijuana flowers or buds; collecting this secreted resin allows users to create hashish. This extracted resin is formed into a solid, brick-like formation. Some bricks can have a shape similar to a bar of chocolate. Just as some craft breweries have created their own distinct branding, some cannabis companies are designing their own unique shapes and stamping their company logo into their hash bricks. Hashish also has a reddish or black hue, whereas dried marijuana leaves generally look green. However, you might have noticed the beautiful reddish fuzz (trichomes) on a very fresh crop of high grade ganja.

Considering that the THC concentration is much higher in hashish than in marijuana, you should be prepared and take it easy when enjoying it! It is best to ingest just a little, since a little goes a long way. When people smoke weed, they might be smoking anything from high end bud to schwag (dry, brown leaves that may also include the sticks and stems you have to pick out). Some of these sources of weed may have more trichomes, but schwag will definitely be low in trichomes! In contrast, hashish is pure trichomes. So a smoker making the switch from using lower end weed to hashish might find a powerful difference in the mind-altering experience!

To enjoy hashish, you can smoke it in a pipe, bong, joint or vaporizer. It originally was ingested either in solid form or mixed in a drink in Asian cultures. Some people prefer to eat hashish. Hashish derived from a sativa plant will alter one’s mental mood, so you may want to keep this in mind if you are looking for a creative or spiritual sensation. Hash derived from an indica plant will result in a whole mind and body high if you would like to address physical ailments.

With the expanding cannabis market, there are all sorts of demands for various types of extraction process and new technological advances all the time. There are some basic at home tricks for compression, such as mixing the resin with butter, honey, or even rum! In addition, techniques range all the way up to high tech practices such as closed loop butane systems and CO2 supercritical extractors (which uses temperature and pressure to extract hops, cannabis, and other crops). Overall, cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate the growing attention that hashish is receiving.