What to do when you feel to high?

Those new to imbibing cannabis express concern over getting too high. Like the use of alcohol, food, or anything else, moderation is best, and cannabis use is a beautiful experience that is best slowly cherished. Nevertheless, it is good to know what to do if you ever find yourself feeling overcome and worried about your physical state.

To put things in perspective, you would need lots of time to ingest dangerous amounts of weed. Most weed smokers or those who prefer taking edibles are active people who enjoy the herb and then go on with their day. You would really have to sit at home all day with ample amounts of pot and a mission to smoke yourself silly to do any harm. Few people have that luxury.

To illustrate how a person can consume lots of cannabis and still be ok, I will tell you a little anecdote. I was recently on a five day very slow-paced vacation on a Caribbean island. Body size, body chemistry, and strength of the strain play a role in the effect on a person, so I am also aware of what my limits are based on these years of use.

Research suggests a low correlation between cannabis use and “marijuana overdose”, severe health reactions, or deaths. In fact, alcohol and drugs such as cocaine account for more emergency room visits and deaths than marijuana ever will. As long as you are using moderately, you should avoid any major problems. It is important to consider your weight and health as well as the strain, how you are ingesting, and the rate of consumption.

If you do feel too high, here are some things you can do. First of all, prevention is everything, so make sure you are imbibing in a safe place. Make sure you are at home or in a location where you feel comfortable, and be with trusted friends. Everyone is affected differently, so you know what activities work for you when high. Obviously, it is best to stick to relaxing activities and ones without great risk such as driving or operating machinery in case you get too chill. Distract yourself by listening to some music, watching a movie, or some other method of soothing your nerves.

Do not mix marijuana use with anything else. I may have a beer or glass of wine or two on occasion with cannabis, but any more than that may contribute to an unpleasant feeling. If you are mixing, it is possible any icky effects are due to the alcohol and not the weed. The same goes for other substances; if you are taking other drugs at the same time, it would difficult to distinguish the cause of the problem.

If you are taking edibles, make sure you take moderate amounts. Start slowly, because the effect will sneak up on you! Some people make the mistake of thinking they are not getting any high after the first few bites or eating a whole treat, and then they immediately go for another brownie or cookie. These situations usually result in cases in which people feel too high. Smoking a joint, bowl, or from a bong will be easier to gauge your high than edibles; even so, make sure you are not overdoing it. Ask a budtender for a recommendation on the correct dose for your body size, the anticipated effects, and length of high.

Now here is what to do if you are very concerned about your condition, or if you feel a friend has overdone it. Lie down until you feel better. Maybe you feel dizzy or nauseous. Perhaps you just feel drowsy and should sleep for a while. Resting will help you recover quickly. For someone who tends to get anxious, resting will also calm them down mentally. In times like these, it is good to have a friend nearby to make sure you are ok.

Have something to eat. Try grazing on a series of small, healthy snacks until you feel better. Having some food will give reinvigorate you. Make sure you drink plenty of water. After some time, you should start to feel a lot better, and you might find a walk or some fresh air will give you a boost. Others claim a shower or bath makes them feel better.

In time, you will feel fine, and you will be more aware of your limits the next time you use cannabis. Using cannabis is like eating Thanksgiving dinner; it is better to consume moderately and savor it, rather than to stuff yourself and suffer from overindulging.

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