What Gives the Longest High?

When you pick out the cannabis you are going to consume, you might have a lot of questions. What kind is best? Which strain is recommended? Are there certain strains that can help with insomnia or IBS or anxiety? Should I vape or smoke? Are edibles any good? But one of the most commonly asked questions is which cannabis gives the longest high.

This is important to know for many reasons. If you are someone with the weekend off, and you want to make sure that you can cure your social anxiety for the entire day, you want something that will last a long time. If you are trying to combat insomnia before bed, you need to know what to consume and how in order to stay asleep all night. Conversely, if you want to achieve a short high for the afternoon but don’t want it to disrupt work, you need something shorter, something that will act quickly and effectively. Therefore, knowing what will give you the longest high is important for all users. That said, the longest high is going to depend on two key factors:

1. The level of THC
2. The manner in which the cannabis is consumed

http://bymarkita.com/2014/06/sweat-sew The level of THC:

THC is the naturally occurring compound otherwise known as Tetrahydrocannabinal. This compound is what interacts with your brain, with the cannabinoid receptors in particular. It is also the THC that gives you the “high”. While it is one of 70 cannabinoids in marijuana plants, it works in tandem with things like terpenes to alter the benefits of the plant you consume. THC often exists in amounts between 15% and 25% in modern marijuana, but some strains have more than others.

Recent data testing the THC levels of the more popular strains has found that Ghost OG is a hybrid strain with some of the strongest THC levels and therefore, a longer high. Ghost strains have been tested for their strength and their potency, based on a percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes, and THC in particular. As a hybrid, the Ghost strains have been altered genetically in laboratory settings and now the amount of THC in the cannabis reaches over 25% by dry weight. This is pretty substantial as, in the past, the percentage available to users stayed in the single digits. The average THC content for Ghost OG has been found to push 28%, nearing 29%.

Other strains have similar ranges, though none as high—no pun intended. Blue Dream, for example, has an average of 18.4% but can reach upwards of 22%. GSC has an average of 19.1% but has been found to exceed 25% on occasion. Sour Diesel strains average 18.5% while Green Crack hovers around 17.6%. GG#4 boasts an average of 21.4% with a top end near 28%. Granddaddy Purple averages 17.5% THC.
There are other OG strains with attractive THC averages too. Wappa, for example, has a median THC amount of 26.6%. OG Chem brings to the table 26.4% average THC. The White Fire Alien OG strain has an average of 24.9% THC. Head Cheese has 24.7% THC while Bruce Banner has 24.6% average THC levels.

The average benchmark of 28% is high, but remember that it is an “average” meaning, the median or middle of the road. So, you might very well have seen some buds with a benchmark high above 28%. That is likely not an error and simply the result of picking a strain that established the higher end of that median benchmark.

You should also note that the biological limits of THC rests around 30% or so, so any strain you see exceeding 30% should be viewed with caution and skepticism as it probably won’t do much more for you compared to those strains mentioned here.

generic Lamictal without prescription canada How the cannabis is consumed:

Seeing as marijuana is a plant, you are able to smoke the plant, eat the plant, apply the plant topically, etc…

If you choose edibles for your consumption, your high will last longer. When you smoke cannabis, it hits your body instantly so that high gets absorbed through the alveoli in your lungs. When you eat it, it is absorbed through the gut lining in your gut which takes a but longer to be metabolized.

When you ingest an edible, you get 10-20% of the THC directly into the blood plasma. If you smoke it, or inhale it, you get 50-60% of the THC but it gets absorbed into the brain directly. This happens very quickly so you end up with a high within 10 minutes, one that dissipates over the next 30. Ingesting leaves a longer, drawn out high as the effects have to pass through the stomach and the liver.

It is important to understand that you will get different highs, and different lengths of the high but you will also get a different physical feeling. Edibles give a body high, felt throughout the body, more relaxed in many cases. Ingesting gives a different, more brain-based high based on the strain.

How long will the effects last?

Edibles will give you a stronger high as well but in the end, the effects you enjoy are based on many things including your tolerance levels, how much you use regularly, your diet, the size of what you ingest, and other factors.

Overall, with any strain, especially those listed here, it is important to note that there is a range, and some strains fall on the higher end of the range while others fall on the lower end of the spectrum. So when you consume might be different, stronger or weaker, and with the help of a specialist at a clinic, you can find out what the percentage is in the strain you pick and the version you pick (i.e., edibles or smoking). So be cognizant of the THC levels, the type of strain and associated terpenes, as well as the method you are using for consumption. These all play an important role in how long your high will last.

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