What kind of cannabis should I use with my partner?

The couple that tokes together stays together! Enjoying weed together—whether you smoke, vape, or enjoy edibles—can be a very intimate experience. Weed can add a little excitement to a relationship and bring a couple closer. Even if you are engaging in your typical Saturday routine such as gardening, exercising, or napping, cannabis use with your loved one can enhance your time together.

Users suggest different strains for different effects. For example, indica strains produce a heightened sensation of overall body relaxation; users describe it as a pleasant sedative. Many couples mainly use indica strains during their evening routine, such as smoking a bowl while listening to music or watching a movie before bedtime. If you have spent the day doing strenuous housework or lawn work with your significant other, indica may be the perfect choice to ease your muscles and mind. It will get you and your honey ready for sleep.

In contrast, sativa tends to energize, so you may want to use this strain with your sweetheart during more robust activities. The description energize does not mean you will be bouncing off the walls and hyper; instead sativa will give you a nice boost to accomplish some tasks. Some cannabis users report that it gives them the mental and physical energy even on days when they are feeling “blah”, so couples that use sativa may find it helps them create some synergy to get common projects done. Sativa also produces a lovely euphoric effect and stimulates creativity. It is a great strain to use if you plan to spend the day hiking a mountain, but it is also a wonderful choice for a rainy day spent inside painting and drawing.

In terms of intimacy, you can use either strain to enhance your sex life depending on your mood and desires. Weed heightens sensitivity and helps couples relax. For those that are feeling a bit inhibited, weed can make one feel less constrained when experimenting. Some might prefer the sedative effects of indica for a tender and quiet loving session full of massages and tender kisses, whereas other couples may choose the sativa strain for moments where they are looking for more vigorous workout in the bedroom!

Here are some tips for bringing up the topic if you want to engage in cannabis use with your partner. Like everything else, if it is making your partner feel uncomfortable, it is best not to push it. Ask your partner about his/her past experiences with cannabis. Some people have had no experience, others have only used poor quality cannabis, and many have blurred the use of cannabis with alcohol. These three scenarios can lead to a misperceptions of marijuana. It is also possible it has been years or decades since your partner has last tried marijuana, so they have forgotten its beautiful effects or only had access to low quality weed. If your partner has had a less than ideal experience, then reframe cannabis use as a positive one. In this new era, cannabis use is no different than a couple enjoying a fine wine together, especially with all the high quality bud being grown! With changing legislation and a growing cannabis industry that includes bakeries, bed and breakfast inns, and tourism, the negative stigma surrounding bud is diminishing and being replaced by a reputation associated with lifestyle enhancement and medicinal benefits.

It may be that only one person in the relationship has used cannabis before, and the partner may have preconceived notions about cannabis use. For couples in newer relationships, there is is always the concern that bringing up something with historically taboo connotations such as marijuana may be a sticky discussion. If a discussion about cannabis use does lead to significant tensions, it may point to larger differences in values and worldviews that need to be explored as potential relationship minefields. If it does not, great! Now you can explore how and when you would like to share your cannabis experience.

If your partner is willing to use cannabis with you, the next step is to find out his/her preference for how to best enjoy it. Does he/she prefer a joint? Using a bong? A bowl? Maybe she would prefer vaping cannabis oil or trying edible products and forgoing the smoking route altogether. Vaping and edibles are much more discreet if your partner is concerned about noticeable plumes of smoke or smelling like Tommy Chong in public after partaking. It may be fun for you to visit a smoke shop together and pick out a special device that you will use for your ganja sharing moments. Smoke shops these days sell a wide range of devices; they include small, affordable tools as well as intricate, ornate glass pipes that can also serve as beautiful decorative pieces in your home. It is only a matter of time before it is pretty commonplace that we are buying the bride and groom fancy cannabis equipment as a wedding gift.

If you ask couples you know well, you will discover cannabis use varies among the general population and partners just as alcohol use does. For example, I have been in relationships in which my partner has often smoked with me and one specific relationship in which my partner did not like how weed affected personally him but accepted my weed consumption. In one relationship in which cannabis use was mutual, my partner and I would regularly smoke a joint in the evenings to unwind and take a long walk in the park with the dog. Afterwards we would enjoy a healthy dinner. This time together was very fulfilling and peaceful. You may find your partner is interested in regular or only occasional use, which is another important aspect to consider in a relationship. Just like other issues that need to be negotiated in a relationship, you and your partner need to discuss how often you will smoke and how much you will spend in order to avoid arguments.

Cannabis use with your partner adds another dimension of intimacy that you both might find deeply satisfying. Experiment with different strains, ways to ingest, and related activities to see what works for you.

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